LifeLine Rescue Station

LifeLine Rescue Bag Use Information

The placement of the LifeLine rescue station at 400 ft. intervals around your pond or lake will ensure the LifeLine will be near and readily accessible to aid in an emergency. The primary reason for creating your pond or lake was to develop an enjoyable space for your loved ones, clients and tenants. Utilizing LifeLine is an inexpensive way to ensure that their safety and happiness remains your primary goal.

The importance of keeping off thin ice cannont be over emphasized!!! Minimum of 4" for travel on foot and 5" or more for snowmobiling! Do not run out onto the ice to perform a rescue! First call 911 and then use the LifeLine Rescue bag. Once your victim is out of the immediate medical attention.

LifeLine Rescue Bags are re-usable and will last for years with proper care:

1. Never store a wet rescue bag. Allow for air drying first

2. Deployed rescue rope should be replaced by feeding the rope into the bag several inches at a time, using a hand-over-hand motion.

3. NEVER stuff several feet of rope double up or twisted into the bag at one time. This will cause the rope to tangle and not deploy property when thrown.

Inspect security seals every 6 months and replace is necessary. Additional seals can be ordered from a nominal charge at 1-877-777-7838 or by calling your local dealer. In the event of LifeLine Rescue Bag theft, repalcement bag are also available.

LifeLine Instruction Sticker


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